New Bridges Logo Selected

We have a logo for our new library system name!  After an extensive process that involved reviewing 360 designs and conducting two polls, we are comfortable that we not only have a great design but one that highlights our work with and for libraries.  Thanks to all who participated and provided valuable feedback!  The library system board made the decision… Read more →

Bridges Selected as New Library System Name

The eight libraries of Jefferson County are joining our library system on January 1, 2016.  As a result, we need a new name.  Thank you to everyone who suggested names and to those of you who voted in our poll.  The name “Bridges Library System” was selected.  We will be rolling out the new name in a coordinated fashion sometime… Read more →

It’s time to “weigh in” on our new library system name!

In January of 2016, we will be adding Jefferson County to our library system.  That means a name change is in order.  We can’t be called the “Waukesha County Federated Library System” anymore.  It just wouldn’t be accurate.  And as we all know, librarians are all about accuracy! We received many thoughtful suggestions for a new library system name and… Read more →

Statewide Webinar Featuring Our App…and our Angela!

There’s an App for That: From Concept to Launch (webinar) Thursday, July 23; 1 pm Presented by: Angela Meyers & Dustin Hahn In April, the Waukesha County Federated Library System launched a mobile app for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. Project manager of the UW-Milwaukee App Brewery, Dustin Hahn, and his student team worked side by side with representatives from the… Read more →

Library System Change Approved

At the Waukesha County Board meeting on June 23, 2015, the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors approved the ordinance to add Jefferson County to the Waukesha County Federated Library System (WCFLS).  A single county system since its inception in 1981, the Waukesha County Federated Library System currently includes the 16 public libraries in the following communities in Waukesha County:  Big… Read more →

MPL-East Branch Renovation

    Milwaukee Public Library – East Branch     Last week I attended a meeting held at the newly renovated East Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library.  They are trying new and innovative ideas in a surprisingly tiny space,  So, come along and join me on my tour:   Circulation desk: When you walk into the library, you first… Read more →